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About the company

“Pattsautra” is derived from two Sanskrit words – “Patta” means “cloth” and “Sutra “means string. Each string of the cloth produced at Pattasutra aims to reconnect you with our heritage and bring you closer to the beautiful traditional textile crafts of India, made with love and passion by our very heroes- our Indian artisans.

We believe in reinterpreting and redefining the traditional art and giving it an Indianized modern perspective suitable and relevant to today’s clothing trends. We also aspire to preserve the age old motifs and weaves showcasing our rich heritage which each of us are proud of.

Our products are contemporary and simple. Lot of research goes behind every creation to make it unique and different than the ordinary. The idea is to have an end product which meets the aesthetic need of the consumer and brings forward the element of ethnicity representing our country – India.


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Core Values

Produce Quality Goods

Pattasutra believes in providing great quality goods – be it the fabric, dye, tailoring or delivery – we aim to give the best quality to our end users.

Make a Difference

We aim to make a difference to the lives of both the end user of our products as well as the artisan making the product.

Enhance Rural Livelihoods

We, through our quality products, aim at enhancing the livelihood of rural women and artisans by providing opportunities through our business and take their work to national and international level.

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