Block Printing

Pattasutra does designing, dyeing, processing, printing, stitching and packaging of products with small team of artisans &like minded creative individuals to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of quality. Our early craft form is block printing  – a form of ancient textile printing technique,dating back at least to the ancient civilizations of India, Egypt, China, and Assyria, used widely throughout history around the world. It is considered by many as the most artistic. The distressed look of the design on fabric can’t be replicated by a machine.


The design is drawn onto a translucent butter paper which acts like a guide for the block maker to carve from. Then the block is carved by hand out of wood. Each block could take 7-10 days to carve depending on the intricacy of design.


We have used Pigment dyes that are mixed with a synthetic binder before using. The true colour can be seen while printing.


Skilled artisans then covers the block with dye and presses it firmly onto the fabric to print the design The printed fabric is then heated in a chamber to make the print colour fast to rubbing, washing and sunlight.


Our products are stitched by rural women of Udaipur who have been trained on stitching and tailoring by our partner organisation – Vishvas Sansthan

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