‘When women support women, incredible things happen’ – #sheslaysinasaree

Saree is hailed as one among the finest garments in the world and is the ancient most Indian wear for women. The six-yard drape has an elegance and grace which reflects the rich heritage of India. In the era of fast fashion, the drape is losing its charm more among the millennials, adversely impacting the craftsmen engaged in handloom saree weaving. However, there are ethnic fashionistas who are trying to make it popular among the millennials so that the saree retains its uniqueness and trending in fashion. Using popular social media platforms, these individuals innovate ways to revive the elegance of the six yards and make it more popular.


One such effort came in from a Mumbai based handloom brand Pattasutra. ‘When women support women, incredible things happen’ was the tagline of the theme week #sheslaysinasaree initiated on Instagram between 28th June – 5th July. During the week, the theme brought into limelight 16 upcoming saree bloggers/influencers, who are doing unique work in saree space to popularise and encourage the millennials donning saree and supporting sustainable fashion. These upcoming bloggers – young and beautiful, themselves have interesting background and stories that have inspired them to take up saree blogging to the next level on Instagram. While many of them were inspired because of their mother’s influence and her love for traditional handcrafted sarees, some being inspired from #100sareepact and many inherently passionate about handloom and sustainable fashion. 

The theme also encouraged fellow saree bloggers to appreciate other upcoming bloggers and appreciate the role that these women are playing in popularising the garment. This saw a wave of stories from saree bloggers appreciating other women for their knowledge on weaves, enriching content or active participation in all saree themes on IG. More than 400 stories came in to Pattasutra proving that when women support and appreciate women, incredible things happen!

In the wake of our Prime Ministers vision towards atmanirbhar Bharat and #vocalforlocal, it is this kind of initiatives that will catalyse the widespread demand for sarees which will not lose its sheen by staying in that trunk forever! Further, millions of artisans and craftsmen engaged in crafting beautiful sarees will find their worthy recognition and decent living, which otherwise is in the verge of collapse.

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